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Section 1 Principles of Management

Section 2 Human Resources Management

Section 3 Procurement                                

Description:  This purpose of this unit is to provide an introduction to the principles of management processes and human resources and the methods of procurement and contracting and their implications for the Building Services sector within the wider construction industry.

Author: Gates MacBain Associates

Section 1  Principles of Management

Aims and Objectives

At the end of this section you should be able to:
  • Describe the principles of management and the processes that this involves.

In order to manage effectively it is essential that you are able to understand the principles and processes involved with management.  The constructionsite unit “Processes of Management” looks at these so you should visit this unit by clicking on the link below and reading the chapters on Principles of Management and Managerial Functions. 

This unit will provide links to other resources and recommend the appropriate publications. You should also carry out the self assessment tasks from these units.

Constructionsite Units

Section 2  Human Resource Management

Aims and Objectives

At the end of this section you should be able to:
  • Explain the areas and considerations relevant to Human Resources Management.

People are the most valuable asset of any organisation and measures have developed which ensure that people are looked after in order to meet the legal requirements and improve motivation and retention. This process is known as Human Resource Management (HRM), it’s function within an organization focuses on recruitment, management and the provision of direction for the people who work in the organization.

Human Resource Management is the function within the organisation that deals with issues related to: 
  • Employment
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Industrial Relations and Joint Consultation
  • Safety, Health and Welfare
  • Education and training
  • Policy & Manpower planning
  • Wages and Salaries
  • Employee motivation
  • Interviews
  • Engagement of employees, transfers, promotion, dismissals
  • The induction of new employees
  • Liaison with recruitment sources
  • Personnel statistics, hours of work, overtime
  • The application of the company’s terms and conditions of employment

Wages and Salaries 
  • Maintain company wage structure, assess and control differential rates of pay.
  • Authorise deductions from wages.
  • Control work study and incentives.
Industrial Relations and Joint Consultation 
  • Negotiations with trade unions.
  • Maintain and improve machinery for joint consultation, and grievance procedures.
  • Deal with any matters requiring arbitration and conciliation.
Safety, Health and Welfare 
  • Medical examinations and records.
  • Accident prevention, safety training, application of statutory regulations.
  • Contact with Factory Inspector.
  • Run any sick clubs, schemes and pensions.
  • Social and recreation facilities. Long term service awards and grants.

Education and training 
  • For new employees, apprentices, and for people in line for promotion.
  • Encourage further education through day release, evening classes, seminars and short courses.
  • Produce information bulletins and news sheets.
Human Resource Management emphasises: 
  • the need to search for new ways of working
  • the central role of managers in promoting change
  • the treatment of workers as individuals rather than part of a collective workforce
  • the encouragement of workers to consider management as 'partners' rather than as opponents - 'us and us', rather than 'us and them'
Further information can be obtained from the Management Library website and book listed below.



  • Armstrong, M (2009) Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice; London: Kogan Page 

Self-Assessment Task

  • Discuss the main areas that are covered by the Human Resource department of an organisation.

Section 3  Procurement

Aims and Objectives

At the end of this section you should be able to:
  • Describe the methods of procurement.

Procurement is dealt with in detail by the constructionsite unit ‘The Procurement System’.  A link is provided below so you should visit this and work through this unit.  

This unit will provide links to other resources and recommend the appropriate publications.

Constructionsite Units

Self-Assessment Task

  • Discuss the methods of procurement and evaluate them for use for a Building Services contract.

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